Let Everyone Express Their UNIQUENESS

Uniqueness is expressed when the artists put their designs on our T-shirts, in turn, give the wearer a chance to express themselves too.

We have a great concept to achieve that

WhizTee is a platform for everyone with a passion, from freelancers to professional designers, or everyday Joe like you and me to share their art with the rest of the world, at the same time build their brand and make a profit to continuously support their passion.

We aim to gather as many designers as we can, in turn, people can have a wide variety of designs to choose from, where they can show off, their ideas, their cause, and their unique personalities.

Designers makes WhizTee possible

Support our local artist

Find any personalized t-shirt on WhizTee

What's your unique?

High quality cotton for our t-shirts
White T-shirt’s are good canvas for design

We strive for quality too

We want more than just people showing off their uniqueness, we want people to show it off comfortably, that is why we paid close attention to the quality of our products. For the time being, we only have two types of clothing material, but we promise you we'll have more products coming your way.

We care most about you

As an up and coming website, we are definite that we have a substantial space for improvement, your feedback is the most valuable thing we can have right now. Be a creator or a shopper we want to hear from you, let us know what you want to see from WhizTee, make WhizTee about you. You are the Whiz, we make the Tees.

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